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Change a child's life
by becoming a mentor.


Volunteer mentors provide their Little with one-on-one time and attention, typically two to four times a month doing a planned activity. 

Our Programs


Volunteer mentors spend one hour per week at a school with a child helping them with homework, reading, playing educational games and other work the teacher has assigned, while also providing friendship and support. 

School-Based Plus

Volunteer mentors see their Little in the school and the community setting for six to eight hours throughout the month.

Does your child need a mentor?

Become a Big!

June Big of the Month


"When we hangout, I get to experience being a teenager all over again and give advice I wish someone would have given me- I’ve even learned a few lessons from Vinny too. I don’t know what we would do with out each other and I’m thankful for BBBS of the Tri-State."

July Big of the Month


"I believe that being big and a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters will have 
a lasting impact on me wherever life takes me and my little in the future! Every time we are together is memories I will cherish and never forget."


"It’s a privilege to work with a young person that I might help 
create a positive experience that will make a difference in their 
future..I have fun and enjoy every minute of my time with my little, Joallen."

August Big of the Month

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