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  • How do I become a Big?
    Contact us by phone or email to learn more about our programs. Once you've decided to become a Big, we'll send you an application or you can download from our website. Our match support specialists will then check references and bring you in for an interview to figure out what you would like in a Little. Once all references and the background check are finished, your match support specialist will do a home visit and bring you in for training. Then your match support specialist will try to find you the perfect match!
  • How do I sign up my child to become a Little?
    First, contact us by phone or email to talk about options for your child. Once you have decided what program your child would like to participate in, we will send you an application or you can download one from our website. One of our match support specialist will then conduct an interview to get to know your child and family better. If doing our community-based program, the match support specialist will conduct a home visit. Once that is completed and your child is accepted into our program, they will go on our wait list, and your match support specialist will begin to look for a mentor!
  • How can I donate?
    Whether you would like to donate your time or resources, we have several options! Throughout the year we conduct several fundraisers that allow community members to partake in various activities to raise funds for our programs, such as Bowl For Kids' Sake, Golf For Kids' Sake and our Christmas Tree Sale. Other ways you can donate is through our Paypal, using Amazon Smile to make purchases, through phone and email. Head over to our Donate tab for more information.
  • Are there any activities my child can take part in while waiting to be matched?
    Although a lot of our activities require a Big and Little match, we occasionally have activities open to our waiting list kids and parents. Please contact our office for more information.
  • What other volunteer opportunities do you have?
    During our Christmas Tree Sale, we need volunteers to help set up out tree lots, unload Christmas trees, as well as to sell trees in groups of 2-5 persons in 3 hour shifts. Many organizations, businesses, churches, etc. sign up a team to sell trees each year.
  • What ages do you look for to become a Big Brother or Big Sister? I am middle aged - am I too old?
    No, not at all. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are volunteers of all ages. Although a person must be at least 18 years of age to mentor in the School-Based Mentoring Program and 19 years of age for the Community-Based Program, we have had many middle aged persons and active senior citizens volunteer throughout the years.
  • How long does it take to become a mentor?
    While we can't provide an exact length of time it takes to become a volunteer mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters' staff tries to works swiftly and efficiently to complete the volunteer enrollment process.
  • How does BBBS of the Tri-State match volunteers with youth?
    Our trained, professional staff gets to know the volunteer, child and his or her family. We make matches based on personality, interest and preferences.
  • What is the screening process to allow a volunteer to become a Big?
    Our screening process requires an extensive interview, reference checks, background checks, a training and a home visit, depending on what program the volunteer is applying for.
  • How long will my child have his or her mentor?
    We require a one year commitment, but our desire is that the relationship will last a lifetime.


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