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Our Littles are the precious seeds of potential for our communities that Bigs can help guide and nourish into successful adults. Just like our Bigs, our Littles come from all walks of life, have unique personalities, and  enjoy diverse interests. What all of our Littles share, though, is a desire to do better and be successful - while having fun along the way!

If your Little struggles with confidence, loneliness, is feeling a little lost, or has other struggles, we can find the right Big for them! 

Read about our programs, don't be afraid to ask questions, and if you are a Little yourself, please ask your adult about getting involved!

Our service areas: ​
  • Cabell

  • Kanawha

  • Mason

  • Putnam

  • Wayne

We hope to add more counties to our service area in the future! Stay tuned!

Ask an Enrollment Specialist!

Want to speak to someone before you apply? No problem! Give our enrollment specialists a text or call at 304.394.4901, or use the button to schedule a time for us to call you!

Take The First Step...

Ready to start the process for your kiddo to become a Little? Use the button below to complete our application!

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