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Be A Little

Our Littles are the precious seeds of potential that our Bigs will help guide and nourish into successful adults. Just like our Bigs, our Littles come from all walks of life, have unique personalities, and  enjoy diverse interests. What all of our Littles share, though, is a desire to be better and successful - and want to have fun while getting there!

If you have struggles with confidence, loneliness, or are feeling a little lost, we can find a Big for you! 

Read about our programs, and ask your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) about signing up using our online applications, below. 


 Our Programs 


The Community-Based Program allows mentors the opportunity to pick up their Little Brother or Little Sister at the child's home and spend time in the community. The time involved is 3-4 hours twice a month for a 12 month period. Outings can range from going for a walk, working on arts and crafts, taking a bike ride or watching a sporting event. It's not about the money you spend, rather the time spent doing the activities. Volunteer applicants for this program should be at least 19 years old, have a valid driver's license and a vehicle.


The School-Based Program is mentoring that takes place at your assigned Little Brother or Little Sister's school. The time involved is one hour a week and is during the school day. Your time spent at the school can be assisting with academics, shooting hoops, doing crafts, reading or eating lunch together. To apply for this program, you must be 18 and have access to reliable transportation to get to your Little's school. 

School-Based Plus


The School-Based Plus Program allows matches to meet in schools and out in the community. This enables Bigs to help their Littles in an academic setting but also in a social setting. Matches can work on homework, academic activities or play games when meeting in school, but then can also venture out into the community to do activities such as going to the park, to the movies or attending one of our agency sponsored events.

Our service areas include: ​
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Inquiry Forms

If volunteers or clients are not 100% sure if they want to apply, click this button to request more information!


If you're ready to apply, click this button to get started!

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